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Competing on the same stage, smiling proudly! WELLROAD water blasting removal truck in Suqian's "Live Demonstration Bidding" and won the victory

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The strength is shown in the duel, and the quality blooms in the comparison. The WELLROAD water blasting removal truck once again won the championship in the "Live Demonstration Tendering" organized by the tendering unit and won it perfectly.

the Suqian City Public Security Traffic Police Detachment invited domestic and foreign suppliers who participated in the city's high-pressure water road removal equipment bidding, arrived in the city with the bidding equipment, and finalized the winning unit through the "on-site demonstration bidding" method. At the bidding demonstration site, leaders of the Suqian City Public Security Traffic Police Detachment of the owner unit, members of the bidding evaluation team and people from all walks of life gathered at the demonstration site. All bidders started to implement high-pressure water removal on similar road markings on the same road section.

The WELLROAD WRZ5181GQX multifunctional road marking removal vehicle that participated in this demonstration is the only domestic company registered in the national industrial and commercial administration agency to specialize in the development of new technologies and new products for road special equipment including road removal (physical) equipment. Developed by the “Well Road Mechanical Technology Research Institute”, the only technical research institution in China that has the qualification for the removal of road markings approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China-WELLROAD (Nantong) Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produce.


WRZ5181GQX multifunctional road marking clearing vehicle waiting for demonstration

WELLROAD WRZ5181GQX multifunctional road marking removal truck is a leading global high-pressure water removal equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and it is currently the only domestic high-pressure water removal equipment that has been announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The product can freely adjust the pressure, flow and intensity of the water jet according to the firmness of the object to be removed, achieving the perfect effect of removing degraded materials without damaging the working surface, and there is no dust, no residue, no sewage, Low noise, waste water, waste residues, etc. produced can be recovered simultaneously during operation, the construction area occupied is small, the labor input is small, the safety is strong, the comprehensive construction cost is low, and no materials are used except for clean water.


The leading level of automation has attracted more and more passers-by's attention

By competing with other manufacturers at the scene, WRZ5181GQX multifunctional road marking removal truck, regardless of the degree of automation, manual input, marking removal effect, the degree of damage to the road, and the cleanliness of the slag water recovery and the demonstration on-site noise In terms of performance, such as grade, it has reached the industry-leading level of "outstanding among others". Among them, the equipment demonstrated by an enterprise in the same province as the owner was not only stopped by the owner in advance due to low construction efficiency, incomplete removal, excessive manual input, and product performance and failure reasons such as sewage pipe bursts, but also the sewage treatment system used by it was discovered on the spot. It completely infringed the invention patent of "WELLROAD" sewage recovery device.

The WRZ5181GQX multifunctional road marking removal (management) vehicle is far ahead of the excellent performance of other products participating in this demonstration. It not only won the unanimous approval of all members of the bid evaluation team, but also received high praise from the leaders of the owner unit Suqian City Public Security Traffic Police Detachment . Other people who watched this demonstration also said that from this demonstration, they have seen the uneven development of the domestic high-pressure water removal product manufacturing industry. From the extraordinary performance of WELLROAD products, they have seen that Chinese products can also lead the world in technology and production ability.



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