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Win-Win Cooperation

Well Road(China)gives the clients the intergrated solutions in facilties rental,customized materials,construction work,project cooperation, service agent and become one of our allys.

Road marking machine rental service

Our company offer different sorts of road making machine like hand-push or self-proppel type and also provide the rental service of large-scale road marking truck.Meanwhile,because of different level of operating skills,we provide paid couselling service for clients.

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Water removal(cleaning) machine rental service

Different sorts of road line removing work is provided in differnt area,such as airport,chemical pipe, and traffic sign during the constuction.

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Traffic safety equipment rental service

A whole series of facilities are provided rental service such as crash-proof buffer truck,pull-type truck,automatic placing truck of the cone and semi-automatic truck mounted placing of cone.

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Slip-form pavement machine rental service

We provided three different types,such as large, medium and small scale of high-level cement concrete slipform pavers (three-track type, single-track type, wheel type, hydraulic type, electric type, etc.). In addition, in order to solve the industry's weak points that ordinary concrete mixer trucks are difficult to meet the demand about the dry concrete in transfer, discharge, and conveying process, the first domestic dry concrete transport vehicle for slipforms was launched timely. The above-mentioned complete set of equipment can fully meet the automatic slipform paving construction of various types of curbs, road gutters, road slopes, water barriers, New Jersey guardrails and other facilities.

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Road maintenance machine rental service

We offer renatal service of different sorts of road maintenance machine such as crack sealing machine,crack removing machine,vaccumn cleaner,dryer machine,slurry sealing machine and gravel spreader.

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  • Road marking machine rental service
  • Water removal(cleaning) machine rental service
  • Traffic safety equipment rental service
  • Slip-form pavement  machine rental service
  • Road maintenance machine rental service

OEM materials manufacturing service

We provide the OEM servive of the crack seal materials to satisfy needs of clients at all levels.

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Regional cooperation

In accordance with the concept of cooperation, win-win and tolerance, Well Road works with all parties and then seek development through cooperation, promote development through innovation, and resolve differences through development. In terms of the industrial chain, Well Road actively creats the cooperation model. Through profit reduction, credit payment, equipment support, etc., it has promoted the improvement of the overall level and localization rate of special road engineering products, and brought more business to related partners.

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Project cooperation

Well Road (China) has a large number of industry-representative regional road marking/removing construction holding or equity joint ventures, all of which have large-scale complete set of marking/removing construction machinery and first-class construction technology standards and professionalism. The project management system and the corresponding level of project construction qualifications, and the establishment of regional and even national industrial alliances to coordinate the construction of the domestic road marking/removing industry ecological chain.

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