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Outline of training base

The industrial training center, which is located in the Nantong base, has a high level guest room center that can accommodate nearly 100 people, a stepped lecture hall that can accommodate more than 300 people, a 400-meter road for special equipment and materials testing, and a comprehensive testing spot that covers an area of 10,000 square meters. We also hold technical and information conference, new material and new product exhibition there and other industry activities according to the latest development needs of the industry.

Training programs

Operator training

We provide systematic training to customers, which can better meet project needs. During the practical operation of the technical staff, our training instructors will also continue to follow up the project operation to ensure the orderly development of the project. Such as the system operation of the marking machine, common sense of road marking construction, etc., through basic training, master the basic knowledge of the product's operating specifications, working rules, maintenance, safe operation, and working environment.

Service Engineer Training

As the five regional operation centers of the Group have been put into operation and domestic provincial companies gradually established, the six series of road special equipment products of Well Road have gradually been entrusted to regional agent the regional after-sales service through the operation centers or provincial companies. Hence, Well Road will train after-sales service engineers for each operation center and provincial companies according to the principle of "standard, professional,capable and efficient", and we try to do a training in rotation for after-sales service engineers according to the innovation progress of all kinds of equipment.

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