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WRD5040TFZ Light Anti-Collision Buffer Truck

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Features of products

Configuration advantages and features

Single-stage collision energy absorbing device: The outer shell of the anti-collision buffer device is made of special lightweight materials, filled with plastic energy-absorbing materials in the middle, and the connecting body is a single-stage four curved tubes. When a collision occurs, the single-stage curved tube will absorb the impact energy through force deformation (the curved tube bends inward) at first. When the energy exceeds the deformation rate of the curved tube, the plastic deformation of the anti-collision cushion will continue to absorb the remaining energy so that it can maximize the absorption of collision energy;

Easy-to-operate loading device: the main structure of the boom frame, through the 90-degree slewing mechanism to complete the two-stage boom telescopic, lifting and folding; through the four-point support for the body legs, further enhance the stability of on-site parking; By automatically flipping the cushion at 90 degrees, the preparation of the job site and the transfer after the job can be completed quickly;

Suitable for common-grade roads: The light vehicle chassis is equipped with a super anti-collision buffer structure, which is more suitable for the daily management of local common grade roads and urban roads.

High-brightness LED screen traffic guidance: Equipped with high-brightness lamp panel LED warning screen and high-reflective traffic signs, actively guiding passing vehicles safely, minimizing the impact of construction on road traffic, and effectively preventing traffic accidents.

Unique anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance: The whole truck adopts high-grade electrophoretic coating or compound electroplating treatment, with excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, without fear of various outdoor environments.

Products parameters



Anti-collision buffer device

2 group 2385X785X2700mm

Cushion Weight


Buffer Level


Buffer Structure Length


Overall dimensions (LxWxH)


Truck chassis parameters

Dongfeng DFH1160EX8 chassis, Chinese VI Emission standard

Total weight


Equipment weight


Max. Speed


Fuel type



154 kw

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)


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