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WR-TCZ100 truck mounted automatic traffic cone placing and collection machine

Application | Features

The truck mounted automatic traffic cone placing and collection machine can be directly loaded on the user's own light-duty cargo vehicle, and can be disassembled and assembled at any time according to construction needs, which can maximize the efficiency of the transport vehicle. This type machine is mostly used in countries or regions that allow transportation vehicles to carry construction devices for construction.

Features of products

 Configuration advantages and features

Semi-automatic operation: An operator is required to perform basic placement and Semi-automated operation: An operator is required to perform placement and collection operations during the working process. The distance between cones can be automatically controlled according to setting parameters, which is safer and more efficient than traditional manual methods. 

Safety guarantee configuration: equipped with high-brightness traffic warning and LED guide lights, which can actively guide passing vehicles safely, and the operation process is safer;

Convenient disassembly and assembly methods: Customers can choose small or light transportation vehicles to assemble automatic traffic cone automatic placing and collection machines according to their actual conditions, and the equipment adopts a modular design, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble.

Products parameters



Max. storage cone quantity

Vertical cone storage, 100pcs(Or according to the vehicle's own situation)


2 persons, one driver, another placing or collection

Installed power

14kw, include hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Chassis type (recommended)

JAC Weiling HFC1081KR1T

Placing/ collection speed


Overall dimensions


Total Weight


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