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Thermoplastic road marking truck


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This series of road marking trucks adopts a modular design on the same platform. Users can choose different thermoplastic marking systems or integrate multiple thermoplastic marking systems according to their own needs. The whole truck adopts high-grade electrophoretic coating or compound electroplating treatment, which has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance. The whole system is equipped as standard with many functional systems such as a fully imported hydraulic transfer system, an intelligent marking control system, and an automatic temperature control fuel heating system. The specific configuration is as follows:

(1) A variety of thermoplastic construction methods can be integrated: users can choose one or a combination of the following thermoplastic marking construction methods according to their own needs: thermoplastic air spray system (TPAS), thermoplastic screed system ( TPS), thermoplastic extrusion system (TPE).

Thermoplastic Air Spray System (TPAS): Thermoplastic air spray system adopts a patented air-assisted low-pressure atomization spray gun, and uses an inner annular atomization air passage design to make the paint more thorough, with smaller rough edge, and the adhesion to the ground is much better. The width and thickness of the marking line can be adjusted at random (adjusted by the transfer box and the walking speed is constant), which overcomes the shortcomings that the ordinary scraping-style thermoplastic road marking machine only can be achieved by changing the hopper or adjusting the bottom blade. Furthermore, there is no need to remove the old lines before the second marking construction, which saves costs and increases construction efficiency.

Thermoplastic Scraping System (TPS): The bottom knife of the hopper is integrally formed with special heat-resistant materials, and the hopper bin is welded by heat-resistant and high-strength plates, which are resistant to high temperature, deformation, strong heat conduction and high heat preservation. We adopt hard tungsten alloy ground knife, which features wear-resistant, heat-resistant, non-sticky material, anti-deformation,and easy-to-adjust. The toothed knife bottom structure is tightly closed and there is no materials leaking. The marking line features uniform thickness, straight edge and neat head.

Thermoplastic Extrusion System (TPE):

Adopt multi-layer and air-controlled roller extrusion device and ensure adequate supply of paint at the marking end by air pressure supply, uniform distribution of paint in the extrusion device by built-in stirring roller , so that precise control of the extruded point line or flat line can be realized by the linkage mechanism. 

 Equipped with a fully imported hydraulic transfer system: achieve precise control of the construction speed, and freely switch between low and uniform speeds to ensure the quality of the marking. The large-capacity hydraulic oil tank equipped with a new cooling system can ensure that the hydraulic system can always maintain a relatively stable cooling value during continuous operation, and effectively improve the operating life of the hydraulic system.

(3) Intelligent marking control system: While satisfying users' basic functions such as precise control and line selection input in accordance with line type standards and construction requirements, the automatic collection and analysis system of construction marking data can be added according to needs of clients. In order to do the automatic collection, calculation and printing work of construction parameters within unit time such as paint consumption, marking length, construction area, etc., as well as automatic evaluation, warning and printing of construction quality (eg:thickness prompts) and real-time positioning;

(4) Automatic temperature control fuel heating system: Indirect heating by heat transfer oil, diesel heating system and automatic temperature control system are used to ensure that the paint in the tank can be melted quickly and at a constant temperature according to the set temperature value, and will not be overheated due to insufficient heating when mixing or mixing unevenly, it will affect the internal quality of the paint; the structure of the conveying system is reasonable, the resistance of the conveying pipe is small, the residue is small, and the patency is good. The patented feeding system can not only fully guarantee the paint supply during the marking construction at the marking end, but also can easily, quickly and thoroughly clean the feeding channel after construction. The entire feeding system saves materials, time, labor, durability, and convenient maintenance.

Features of products

Products parameters

Total weight14500kg
Engine ModelMC07.35-60
Engine Power248KW
Tyre Model10.00R20 18PR
Volume of Tank1200L
Volume of Glass Beads2x500
Heating MethodThermal oil furnace
Insulation MethodThermal oil multilayer insulation
Type of MarkingThermoplastic spraying,extrusion,vibration
Line Width(mm)50-450
Line Depth(mm)1.5-2.0
Construction Speed(km/h)0-6

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