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1. Preface
Traditional procedures for curbing slip form construction which have much manpower and time input.
Curbing Groove excavation →Concrete pouring→Curbing Selection→Curbing laying

Well-Road brand develop slip form curbing technology to replace traditional workmanship to meet practical needs and development trends in road engineering maintenance market both at home and abroad.

Well-Road brand slip form curbing machines are widely used in highway curbing construction breaking through traditional curbing mode with extreme high universality in construction site. It can be suitable for all kinds of severe operating conditions which can omit renting prefabricate places and other preparation work and also avoid any material loss when prefabricating, transporting and installation, thus effectively ease the tight project time limit and avoid insufficient space caused by narrow site.

2. Example
The fifth segment of Yingu Highway(Yinchuan-Gujiaozi), start-stop stake mark: K14+830_K31+000, is an old road extension highway. Asphalt and concrete impound strap was cancelled in later period, shoulder curbs(hardened verge) were added to road shoulders which increased 1 time workload. Because of curbs and shoulder curbs at ramp, the length of slip form curbing construction reach 62.5kilomaters which request 5000 cubic meters C25 concrete. In order to quicken the project progress, the project applied slip form curbing technology at last which obtained quite good construction performance.
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