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Well-Road Pavement Grooving and Repairing Scheme
Grooving and repair scheme is a universal crack treatment widely used at home and abroad and suitable for moderate and small cracks, Used machines include grooving machine (eg: WR-CR-I) , crack sealing machine(eg: WR-CS200), special designed sealant (eg:WR-RCS), crack width is at least 1cm, crack depth is 1-3cm, W(width) : D(depth)<2:1, less depth, better performance.

Five procedures for grooving and repair scheme as below:
1) Preparation:
Confirm grooving machine and crack sealing machine are in good condition;
Confirm repair scheme according to actual pavement crack condition;
Add sealant into sealant heating can and start crack sealing machine, heat and stir sealant to 193℃ (less than 204℃);
When heating, hang over crack sealing machine to truck, load sealant, road barrier, safety signal board, grooving machine and shoulder drier to truck, pull the truck to reserved construction site, close half of highway as construction area. 

 2) Crack Grooving

Adjust grooving depth beforehand and start to groove according to designed grooving depth. Adjust grooving dimensions to meet the design requirements according to different crack width when grooving.

 3) Crack Clearance

Use shoulder drier to clean all slag inside the crack and dust at least at 10cm far away from two sides of cracks.

4) Crack Sealing

Crack sealing machine should be equipped with preheat equipment to preheat grooved crack when outside temperature is less than 4℃, otherwise, cohesive force of sealant will be reduced. Preheating is not essential but preheating may improve the sealing performance when outside temperature is more than 4℃ . Use the pressured nozzle in crack sealing machine to pour the sealant into groove and pull and form a seal coat with certain width and depth at two sides of crack.
5) Maintenance

After sealing the crack, cooling sealant and clearing all slag on the pavement, confirm cooling time is more than 15 minutes, then traffic may be recovered to open, the recover time should be adjusted flexibly according to temperature condition.

Decades of crack sealing practice has proved that the major performance of invalid crack sealing is sealant and two sides of crack can not be cohered tightly which is influenced by sealant technical performance, whether cleaning crack is thorough and construction temperature outside the site, so it is very important to choose a suitable sealant fitting with local construction seasons and environment.
There are five kinds sealant:
Type I: Lowest temperature >0℃
Type II: Lowest temperature >-10℃
Type III: Lowest temperature >-20℃
Type IV: Lowest temperature >-25℃
Type V: Lowest temperature >-30℃

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